Jeroen Hilhorst  Concert guitars

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Available Guitars
(These are all new, unused guitars)

112 front112 back
SOLD! (Cedar version soon available)
Super Concert Guitar, special model, spruce double top / ziricote, € 8.900,- (outside EU  € 7.355,-).

This is a super concert guitar with:
     - A double top (two layers of spruce with nomex in between).
     - Ziricote back and sides. This wood has a very beautiful figuring.
     - On the bridge there are separate saddles for each string, to make a better tuning possible.

The super concert guitar has the best projection I can make.
The double top on this guitar produces a slightly more beautiful sound than my single tops.
The trebles are strong, the basses are rich, and there is an incredible sustain.
And it is easy to play.

Rene Yzquierdo tried it out and his comment was " Magical ! ".

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102 head102 back

Standard Concert Guitar
, special model, cedar / wengé, € 7.650,-
  (outside EU  € 6.322,-).
Also the neck is of wengé.
(Discount is possible)

This is a very special guitar, in looks as well as in sound.
It has a beautiful clear cedar sound, very strong and with a very good first string.
The highly figured wengé on the guitar is a feast for the eye.
Everywhere on the guitar you can enjoy the beautiful grain of this wood.

I made only two of these guitars, and one is now played by Peter Constant (ZOO Duo).

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98 body98 back

Standard Concert Guitar
, spruce / Indian rosewood, € 7.250,-
  (outside EU  € 5.992,-).
(Discount is possible)

This guitar has an attractive warm and very strong spruce sound and it is very easy to play.

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99 body99 back

Standard Concert Guitar
, cedar / Indian rosewood, € 7.250,-
  (outside EU  € 5.992,-).
(Discount is possible)

This guitar has beautiful warm cedar basses and combines it with clarity in the strong trebles.
A beautiful and very strong sound.

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106 body106 back
Budget Concert Guitar
, spruce / Indian rosewood, € 6.250,-
  (outside EU  € 5.165,-).
With two extra's: an armrest and acrylic varnish

I gave this guitar an extra strong sound by using some more graphite in the neck and making the sides slightly thicker.

In a guitar comparison in a hall this guitar stood out in volume and tone.

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100 body100 head
Budget Concert Guitar, spruce / Indian rosewood, € 5.600,-   (outside EU  € 4.628,-).
(Discount is possible)

The unique feature of this guitar is that I used a lighter bracing reinforced with some graphite.
The guitar has a beautiful warm and very strong tone and is very easy to play.

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